"Guitar Jams"

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AUDIO CD.  "Lazer Lloyd Guitar Jams" is a feast for the ears and a must have for every Lloyd-head - this CD includes brand new original Lazer Lloyd blues rock tracks recorded at the iconic Showplace Studios in New Jersey with Grammy award winning producer Ben Elliott : "Sometimes I've Got The Blues" and "When Man Was Made Something Went Wrong". Plus never before released studio tracks from the 2015 sessions for the acclaimed Lazer Lloyd self-titled album: "Been So Long", "Mother's Day", and "Gypsy Jam". By popular demand we have released mastered versions of the original Lazer Lloyd viral hits on Facebook: "Tears for Dikla", "Watchtower", "Living Is To Struggle", "Gary Moore Tribute", and more... Coming soon on digital.  

Lots of Love Records, 2016

Track List

  • 1.  Tears for Dikla
  • 2.  Been So Long
  • 3.  Rependrix
  • 4.  So Alone
  • 5.  Sometimes I Got The Blues
  • 6.  St. Louis Moon
  • 7.  Gary Moore Tribute
  • 8.  Mother's Day
  • 9.  Watchtower
  • 10. Somethin' Goin' Down
  • 11. Gypsy Jam
  • 12. Living Is To Struggle
  • 13. Midnight Hideout
  • 14. Chillin' Martin